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Beautiful Colors and Abundant Nutrition! Jewel of Vegetables, Paprika

Paprika is an annual plant belonging to the Solanaceae family, Capsicum genus, and Annuum species, and one of 6 pepper subspecies, which represents sweet pepper species, along with Tomatillo Green Chili (Ggari Pepper in Korean), and which is characterized by a slightly impure flavor and various colors. As such, paprika is widely used in salads or when a dish requires color.
Paprika is rich in Vitamins A and C, having five times more Vitamin C than tomatoes and two times more Vitamin C than lemons, so one paprika weighing about 100g contains 6.8 times the recommended daily dose of Vitamin C for adults. In addition, paprika contains different nutrients depending on its color.

Red Paprika
Promote growth, strengthen the
immune system, prevent cancer and
Plenty of organic substances,Chlorophyll
Green Paprika
Plenty of organic substances,
minerals, which can prevent anemia.
Orange,Yellow Paprika
Preventing common colds, relieving
stress, skin's complexion