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Whimori & Traceability

Every Whimori product is quality agricultural product purely cultivated in clean areas so that customer would enjoy it safely.
Whimori deals with the only quality agricultural products, which are produced by strict quality control from cultivation, harvest, grading, selection, packing and up to safety test.
Providing every customer with our"Traceability" is a promise to customers as we, Whimori are so proud of producing its quality products only

Data Search Method

For Whimori Traceability, access to our website( and enter the Traceability
identification nember(ID) issued on a product you bought.

Traceability ID

The meaning of the 12 digit-number

Registered Year Product Name Exporting Company Cultivation Place Farm's Name

Schematic Diagram of Traceability management System

Schematic Diagram of Traceability management System

Information contained in the Traceability

Producer Info- Farm's name, contact number, producer introduction, photo, etc.

Product Info- Product name, species, grade, and other information

Cultivation Info- Date of Seeding, Date of Planting, Date of Release, Water Quality Inspection, Chemical Inspection, Freshness, Safety Control, etc.